Inherited genes + a thought pattern = expression

Do the inherited genes mean we’re destined for their expression? Time after time I get the proof of all this to be true. Again today, another book of research with the same confirmation that inherited genes play only a tiny part in our lives compared to the gene expression – external factors, beliefs, and emotions. […]

DO Customer Service

How good are you at serving customers? I just recently visited a new hair salon. The front and back end customer service were like two opposites. Not a single bad thing I could say about the front office operations. A lady greeted me, smiled, offered a beverage, etc.. all check points here. Back office – […]

SMART Goals – Goal Setting Tips

How to Set and Achieve Goals – SMART Goals Do you usually accomplish all the goals you set? Do you know why you do not achieve some of the goals? Let’s look at the other side of the coin, i.e. why you do not always achieve the results you want. Whether it is to lose […]