How to be Happy. What is Happiness for you?

HOW TO BE HAPPY Are you Happy? I have to be honest with you, for a long time I did not know and I did not really pay much attention to what happiness really meant to me. At one point in life, happiness meant one thing, then something else, and eventually, my definition of happiness […]

What holds you back from seeing the Reality

What is holding you back from seeing the Reality? About the Intuition and more… Some people are so scared to face the reality and see what is behind the curtains that they go against their strong gut feeling or intuition and choose to live in a bubble and believe whatever people throw at them. Moreover, […]

Are you ready to face you

Are you ready to FACE YOU? I am sure everyone has some relationship issues at one time or another. Some of us will settle to be in a bad relationship, while others choose to improve things or dig deep into their lives and make some big decisions. Before you do anything, before you make any […]

You CAN Turn Your Business Around

You CAN Turn Your Business Around Sales are dropping. Employee turnover is going up. Cash flow is sinking again. It is getting hard to get people to buy your services or products. You have tried many things – to lower prices, to offer extras, add incentives, advertise more, but nothing seems to work? Or maybe […]

How Do You Market and Advertise Your Business?

How Do You Market and Advertise Your Business? 7 Steps of Your Marketing Plan That a Dummy Can Follow You may find many techniques or methods out there, but everything still boils down to the basics. You need to know what you are trying to achieve, who you will be targeting, how, when, and what […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

TOP 5 REASONS WHY SMALL BUSINESSES FAIL Get your act together! Do Not Let Your Business Fail. There are way too many small businesses closing the doors and the small business owners have no idea what they did wrong. Usually there is more than one thing that owners do wrong or not do at all […]

3 Steps to Overcome Your Fear and Anxiety

OVERCOME FEAR in 3 Simple Steps How many times could you not do things, go places or even speak up because your fear or insecurity stopped you? How many opportunities have you missed? What exactly are you afraid of? Do you know where it comes from? How much fear is preventing you from achieving your […]

Do you want to double your business

Do you want to double, triple, or even 10x your business?   The only person that is stopping you from doing this is YOU. Don’t get discouraged, every person does that at some point in life. But very few realize that it is possible to reach your dreams! And all you need to do is […]