The Coaching Game™

from the Points of You™

thecoachinggame_pic2The Coaching Game™ is a powerful and creative tool for personal and professional development. This extremely user friendly, powerful, and life changing tool was designed to enable you as an individual to break from set patterns of thoughts, habits, and common solutions and open up new possibilities for change, advancement, and growth personally or professionally.



coachinggame_allIt is very effective in team building, conflict resolution, development, coaching, or diversity training, and its ability to enhance processes of thinking and communication makes it a practical instrument for use by life & business coaches, trainers, managers, therapists, counselors, business owners, leaders, and more.

The Coaching Game™ is the ICF (International Coach Federation) certified, translated into 18 different languages and is used in 147 countries. Some of customers that use this tool are Visa, American Express, Google, NEA, IKEA, Cirque du Soleil, L’Oreal, Intel, NASA, AIG Insurance, and UniCredit Bank.

The Coaching Game™ was designed to facilitate the learning experience utilizing both visual stimuli and textual media by using pictures, stories, quotes, and thought-stimulating queries to amplify left & right brain impact, and it is easily adaptable to any objective or topic and that it can be used individually, one-on-one, in a small or large group environment of 100 participants.


The Coaching Game kit includes:

  • A unique deck of 65 Coaching Cards that display brilliant images taken by 200 international photographers. Each card depicts a topic and corresponding visual point of view
  • A 165 page, full-color Coaching Book containing stories, quotes and questions from hundreds of perspectives on each of the 65 topics
  • A Layout Process Chart with four coaching processes to guide exploration of specific issues
  • A Coaching Ticket Notepad to record and summarize insights and action steps
  • A soft, but durable cloth package created from recycled, biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials





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