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HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Would you be a miserable or happy person?


The most effective ways to replace the negative thinking with positive thoughts

Do you ever wonder why so many people tend to be unsatisfied with what they have, where the work or what they do in general? Or why so many of them eventually turn to positive thinking, personal growth and development trying to identify the “rules” of the law of attraction? I think you already guessed the answer.

There is a simple explanation to this – they WORK!

Let me ask you this… what kind of person would you be more attracted to, a positive, confident, and smiling or a grumpy, miserable and negative one? My guess is that you would be leaning towards the positive person.

So why aren’t you that person yet?think positively, live and grow

Many of us go through different life situations, and it may not possible to feel ecstatic all the time. But it is possible to bounce back quickly and keep yourself uplifted despite of what life throws at you. It is your choice to stay miserable or choose to find good around you and be happy.

I’m not telling you this because everyone is talking about the power of positive thinking. I’m telling you this because I was on an opposite side of the spectrum from the positivity and I can assure you that life changes drastically when you shift your focus from misery to joy and choose to be open to a different perspective.

For many years I was a very skeptical private temperamental individual who was lacking self-confidence and always looking for things to go wrong. When several major life events threw me into the wall, I became even more closed-up and distrusting, and that was the time when I realized that I needed a change. My old habits, perceptions and life strategies no longer worked, so I needed to find something new to get myself out of the hole or I would sink.

A great thing about me was, and still is, that I constantly seek to learn and grow; I’ve read many books, but those weren’t romance novels or other fiction literature, most of them were books on self- or personal development, growth, and improvement. I finally realized that I had a chance and a choice to change my life.

Here is what I did to break the old cycle and give some room to positive thinking. YOU CAN DO these things too.

  • I committed to noticing nice and good things around me every day no matter how down or bad I felt inside; these could be as simple as a flower, tree, sky, smile, pleasant scent, etc.
  • I committed to finding at least one positive attribute of each person I communicated with (a stranger, a friend or a family member). It is not hard to notice a friend’s dress or a nice smile, pay attention to small things people do for you, or compliment others.
  • I reevaluated people and their role in my life. I learned to separate myself from the negative people and those who were dragging me down or preventing me from growing. I chose to get to know better those, who were a match to who I was and who helped me grow. Of course, there are always people who need to be in our life for one or another reason. In this case, I let them into my life, but not into my world; I simply learned to set some boundaries.
  • I chose to let go of the past pain. It is our human nature to hold onto the things, and the problem is that this makes us resistant and blind to future opportunities. If we cannot let the past go, we tend to view the future through the past experiences, not leaving a chance for a different perspective.
  • I tamed my monkey mind and stopped mental chatter through meditation; my mind chatter was basically controlling me, what I do, and think. Your personal growth and development is crucial here.
  • I started embracing and following my intuition. Every person has that gut feeling called intuition, but only few folks follow and listen to it. If you think that you don’t have it, you’re wrong; you just never really paid attention or made an effort to listen to it.
  • I started loving and appreciating myself for who I was. I realized that I never actually loved myself because I felt I was not good enough and not worth it. I re-learned who I was and what I truly wanted, and this enabled me to create the life that I wanted, to be peaceful, loving, positive, and motivated person.
  • I learned to focus on me and stop worrying about what other people think; this gave me freedom and space to breathe. Everyone perceives things differently and you don’t need to be a part of anyone’s drama; it is their world and their issues or insecurities, not yours.


I hope these points give you an idea of what you can do to shift your mindset, grow and expand. You need to realize that once you focus on the positive things and let go of the negatives, the shift in your mindset is inevitable. Your mind can be trained to let things go and release the resistance. Remember, you always attract more of what you focus on into your life. So would you want to have more of negative and miserable or joyful, positive and supportive people around you?


Now I am asking you to give it a try. Commit to 3 weeks of doing these things and if they don’t work, write me a negative comment here. 😉






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