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Inherited genes + a thought pattern = expression

Do the inherited genes mean we’re destined for their expression?

Time after time I get the proof of all this to be true. Again today, another book of research with the same believe you canconfirmation that inherited genes play only a tiny part in our lives compared to the gene expression – external factors, beliefs, and emotions. It is estimated that about 80% of the illnesses begin in the mind; fewer than 5% of cancers are associated with genetics.

The fact is that you cannot change the genes, but you can change the inherited emotional pattern. So I cannot help but wonder why we are sooooo stuck on the idea that if I have a certain gene, I will get sick. I have a strong belief that if you’re going to look for a disease, you will find one because you will be involuntarily programming your mind to create the “thing” you’re looking for.

When you say it is hard not to pay attention to the diseases that run through the generations, I say – consider that you can be wrong. It takes that much effort to plant the seeds of fear and stay in the negative space as try shifting your emotions and beliefs to be supportive and positive.

I choose to appreciate and accept things coming from the external world and my own negative thoughts and feelings, but I also choose not to support them. I choose to decide if I really need them and replace them with those that convey joy and love, and that take me to the higher emotional level.

All I can say it works! It is your CHOICE how you feel.



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