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How to Not Take it Personally

Let’s face it… You will not be liked by everyone. You don’t like everyone either. Your services or products will not be used by everyone. You don’t run buying everything you’re being offered or what you see at a store either. The truth is we’re all wired differently, we look for different things at different times, and how we see things, what we believe in, and what we need are never constant.

its not about you

Just think about the last time you hired an expert who was supposed to help grow your business. How did you choose that person?

Something in your mind said yes to that person. So many different things can influence your decisions about other people – knowledge shared, personality, their energy, the way they talk or express themselves, how they approach you, verbiage they use, how much they seem to care about you, etc. You mind is constantly looking for things in common – things that you can relate to and trying to fit others into your ‘box’ of standards and needs. So it’s either a match or not. The same applies to others, people around you go through a similar decision making process and they make choices based on their perception, standards, needs, etc. It’s about what works for them and it’s not about you.

So if things don’t work out, don’t take it personally. It’s just not a match at this moment in time. But things do change – people grow and expand (some don’t, of course), perception and beliefs shift, and needs and wants get constantly modified. So from time to time give yourself and others another chance. If you find it that it’s still not a match, move on. But what if now it’s exactly what you needed?!

This reminds me of some food I used to hate. In my 20s I couldn’t understand how people could eat avocado. To me it just tasted weird and it felt like a soap in my mouth. But guess what, I kept giving it a try and one day I really enjoyed it. Now I LOVE it.

Take a chance. Give a chance. Don’t take things personally.

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