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How to Have a Simple, Clear, and Relevant Message

 ** I love KISS! **
No no no, I know where your mind is going, but this time is not that . I’m talking about the “Keep It Simple Stupid” strategy – a Simple, Clear, Strong, and Relevant message.

Those who know me well, know that I like to observe a lot. So today I was drawn to share what I’ve observed and why your message DOESN’T SELL.

I see tons of product and service offers and deals every day, but how many of those actually sell?? 💲💲clear, simple, relevant message Not many. Wonder why? The answer is simple – they list many features, but lack clarity and real value. The messages get complicated, confusing, and irrelevant. You are SOOOO TALENTED  and GIFTED , but what’s often missing is the HOW, i.e. how your potential clients can benefit (value), what they will walk away with as a results of buying your service, and how they can relate to what you’re selling.

How your potential client can understand what you’re selling if they don’t fully understand what you’re talking about or how they can benefit from working with you? Product or service features aren’t enough.

I’ve been working with businesses for 10 years – from state agencies, small businesses, start-ups, to those, who have only had an inception of a business idea – and this has been the ‘THEME for many of them.

Here’s what you CAN do:

  • If you tend to use big words or specific terms, get to your client’s level (YES, you need to know who your ideal clients are and what ‘language’ they use) and ask yourself “Will my potential client understand what I’m talking about?” and “Is my client aware of “XYZ” or what it means?”. Don’t just assume, you need to know these answers. If your answer is NO, rephrase your message and keep it CLEAR and SIMPLE!
  • Think of all the benefits your client can get from working with you or buying your product, and list them instead of the features. HOW making five or six-figures, doing business branding, having an Akashic Records reading, or learning Reiki can help them and how their live can change? Again, make sure they understand what these terms mean.

To Your Success!
Much love,

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