Resilience & Growth


Learn to Enjoy and Relax

Learn to Relax. You don’t need much to feel happy. I was browsing the TV guide to see what’s on and just randomly clicked on some game show. It appeared that a lady has won a Jacuzzi and some tennis sport set. She was so happy as if she won free groceries for a lifetime […]

New Year’s Resolution – Goals Setting

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution The New Year is coming and you, like most of us probably started thinking about the upcoming year, new goals, ideas, and new beginnings. I’m sure, you also reflect on what was accomplished this past year or whether it was a good year. Some of us would compare the notes […]

reFocus after Change

How do you keep motivating yourself and moving forward during difficult times? If I ask “How are you doing these days”, how would you respond? I hear some people discussing about how bad the economic situation is, that gas prices are going up or that there is no gas, houses do not sell, banks do […]

Why hire me as a Coach

Why hire me? It is very important to find a coach who knows what he/she is doing, is creative, whom you trust and feel comfortable sharing with. I embody a very direct and no-nonsense coaching style. I can get to the point, the root cause or issue, figure it out, work with you to set […]

Why Coaching Works

Why does Coaching work? We know coaching works because we tested it ourselves. Most of us, coaches, either had a coach in the past or still work with a coach to keep us focused and on track, so we know exactly what you will go through and what you need to do to make it […]

How much does Coaching cost

How much would it cost? A client may expect to invest in a range of about $150 to $1000 per month for three to five half-hour, 45 minutes to full hour coaching sessions each month. Because there are different options available, a coach will work with a client to find one that will match a […]

Who needs Business Coaching and Why

Who needs Coaching and why? Every person who cares about his or her future, achieving dreams, and being effective needs coaching. If you look at a baseball laying on a table, what do you see? My guess would be – you might see only one side of the ball. What if someone – like a […]

How Coaching Works

How does Coaching work? How do I work with a coach? You know what coaching is, but still not sure how coaching works?  A coach and a client work together on different areas like business, career, finances, health, family, etc. A professional coach is trained to listen, observe, identify needs, and customize the approach to […]

What is Coaching?

What is Life Coaching? What is Business Coaching? Coaching in general is a powerful partnership – a client (individual or business) and a coach – that can empower, shift and change a life and or business. It is about a client like you, what you want and desire, and empowering you to get where you […]

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