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3 Steps to Overcome Your Fear and Anxiety

OVERCOME FEAR in 3 Simple Steps How many times could you not do things, go places or even speak up because your fear or insecurity stopped you? How many opportunities have you missed? What exactly are you afraid of? Do you know where it comes from? How much fear is preventing you from achieving your […]

Do you want to double your business

Do you want to double, triple, or even 10x your business?   The only person that is stopping you from doing this is YOU. Don’t get discouraged, every person does that at some point in life. But very few realize that it is possible to reach your dreams! And all you need to do is […]

Who hates word GOAL

Who hates a word GOAL? Over the years I noticed that many of us do not set & achieve goals because they don’t like a word “goal”. A person often associates it with something negative – end of road or a journey, a finale. Since I am a big believer in language, I believe that […]

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR THINKING. The Power of Perception

The Power of Perception How to Think Differently Every one of us had a moment in our lives when we realize that other people are not using a simple common sense. What seems to us an unquestionable or a “normal” behavior, others would have different perception of the same things. If we look at teenagers […]

How to Boost your Customer Service

How to Boost your Customer Service There is not a single business that can survive without a customer. So the questions is WHY only such a small amount of companies really care about providing the best the customer service they can to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction. Don’t take me wrong, I am not saying […]

How to deal with controlling or manipulative relationship

How to recognize and deal with a controlling or manipulative person Are you being controlled or manipulated by others? A surprising fact is that every person plays controller or manipulator role at some point in time. You don’t believe that?  Remember when you were trying to convince your friend or a significant other to do certain […]

Sharing Information Marketing Tip

A Quick Tip on Marketing. Sharing Information. If you have a business, you should be sharing information with your potential customers (= target audience) on a constant basis. Share what you know best, what could improve your customers’ experience, enhance their knowledge, help them connect with you, to get to know you and your company, […]

INCENTIVES.. do they really work?

INCENTIVES.. do they really work? While they seem to be good “motivation” tools, incentives (or extrinsic rewards) are really just superficial, temporary motivators, and do not really make a huge difference in performance or productivity. Emotionally meaningful experiences (intrinsic rewards), things that make us feel good just by doing them, the reality/actual experience of improvement […]

Are you a HUNTER or BUILDER?

Are you a Customer HUNTER or Business BUILDER? Are you constantly looking=hunting for clients? are you finding one customer, then another one and never stop looking? OR are you building your business the way that clients are looking for you and coming to you because of the way you built it? Quick Tip

5 steps to find the Passion and Career you Love

What is Your Passion? 5 steps to find the Passion and Career you Love How often do you say “I don’t know what I want to do now or in the future”? Are you one of many individuals not sure what you really want or which path to take? If so, first of all, don’t […]

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