Who is Your Ideal Client? Target Audience

  Before you start marketing your products or services you need to identify who’s most likely to buy them – your potential customers. These people keep your business alive and help it grow further. When you’re not sure where to start, just think who would benefit from and who are using similar your products/services. Let […]

How to Not Take it Personally

Let’s face it… You will not be liked by everyone. You don’t like everyone either. Your services or products will not be used by everyone. You don’t run buying everything you’re being offered or what you see at a store either. The truth is we’re all wired differently, we look for different things at different […]


HOW TO USE FEAR? STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. The only way you can grow and expand is when you intentionally make an effort to learn and when you do things that are out of your comfort zone. Just remember the first time you had to talk to a group of people, facilitate a […]

Inherited genes + a thought pattern = expression

Do the inherited genes mean we’re destined for their expression? Time after time I get the proof of all this to be true. Again today, another book of research with the same confirmation that inherited genes play only a tiny part in our lives compared to the gene expression – external factors, beliefs, and emotions. […]